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May 1 & 2, 2020

Baraboo Arts Banquet & Convention Center

323 Water St, Baraboo, WI 53913

What is a Warrior Unchained?

As women, we all have an inner "mama bear" when it comes to our children, family, friends, etc.  We come out swinging for everyone else .... except for ourselves. 

We all have an inner "warrior" (aka mama bear).  And it's about time you unchained your inner warrior to come out swinging for YOU - to conquer fear and start living the life YOU deserve!


What you'll learn: 

- Social Media Marketing Strategies

- How to move past fear and live the life you deserve

- Healing from abuse and trauma (also a live art presentation)

- Self defense demonstration and presentation

- The Alchemy of Transformation:  A Strategic Formula for Your Success

- Who you say you are matters!

- How your kindness impacts the world

You aren't JUST a mom or leader or entrepreneur - you are a beautifully complicated woman doing it all! So you need a conference/workshop/retreat that supports you in all those areas!

Warrior Unchained: Live 2020 will be the perfect combination of personal and professional development for the Lady Leaders, Working Warriors, Empowered Entrepreneurs, and Motivated Moms! From health and wellness to strategic social media marketing - you'll learn the tools you need for REAL LIFE!

You will leave feeling CONFIDENT, FOCUSED, and ready for GROWTH   in your personal and professional life!


2020 Speakers

Wendy Babcock


Warrior Unchained

From Fear to FOCUS

Jennifer Babcock

Jennifer Speaker.jpg

Healing is an Art Form

From Victim to Survivor

Jess Braddock

Jess Braddock.jpg


A Spiritual Healing Journey

Jessica Bilski

Jessica Bilski.jpg

On the Line

Social Media Marketing Expert

Nicole Majik


The 5 Pillars of Success

A Strategic Formula for your Success

Suzy Simonson


Borrow My Belief

Who You Say You Are Matters

Jessica Peterson-Tierney

Jessica Peterson Tierney.jpg

Damsel in Defense 

Self Defense Initiative


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